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"Care about what you do... it matters." - Marty D.


4/18 - Present

Greater spokane Incorporated



"Marty Dickinson's leadership catalyzes organizations, initiatives and communities forward."
- Alisha Benson, Chief Strategist, GSI


"Marty quickly identified our business strategy and marketing needs at Fatbeam.  She has helped organize and prioritize the work to do new market entry, drive brand awareness and ensure a fiscally responsible and sustainable marketing plan."

- Tammy Lange, Vice President of Sales, Fatbeam


EVP, Culture 04/14 - 04/18

Culture Journey Onboarding Program
Us In Action Peer Evaluation Program
SPOT Recognition Program
SAM Innovation Engine
Umpqua Bank and OI Engine

“Marty has a unique ability to assimilate situations that involve varying dynamics. This is due to her strong interpersonal ability to connect and gain people’s trust.”
- Ray Davis, Former President and CEO, Umpqua Bank



EVP, Marketing and Communications 07/11 - 04/14

Sterling Brand Map
Sterling Brand Goals
Sterling Sample Direct Mail
American Banker Article - "How to Brand a Bank Turnaround"
PR Week Article - "CMO Q & A: Marty Dickinson, Sterling Bank" 

"Marty's leadership is exemplary, and it represents the very best characteristics of leadership ANYWHERE!"
- Greg Seibly, Preseident and CEO Federal Home Loan Bank San Francisco

downtown partnership.png

President  07/05 - 04/11

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